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A comprehensive study of walking canes from around the world, dating from the distant past to the modern-day. The book presents a historical context on both practical and ceremonial usage.


For anyone that admires, collects or just interested in walking sticks this is a must buy newly published text by Anthony Moss


Larry Mattson – USA Important Collector of Antique Walking Canes 


               I received your Book earlier this week and I have read it.  It was a real pleasure to read a scholarly examination of a very diverse collection that included almost every type of cane in the world.

               What stood out to me the most was how each cane had something very special about it.  They all had a lot of character.   I could see this at first glance of every cane.  You have a very trained eye that can spot a high quality cane sitting in a large group of canes offered to you.

               The way you segmented the cane market by type, market, age, geography, etc.  was quite a feat.  I am thinking it took you a long time to conceptualize such a detailed segmentation.  Even more amazing was the fact that your cane collection included examples from each segment.  You must have developed this detailed segmentation years ago and deliberately looked for fine examples of each segment.

               More congratulations for adding a very detailed Index, bibliography, and list of Books on Canes and Walking Sticks.  Thanks for including my catalogues in your list.  You list three of my four catalogues.  The fourth catalogue was canes with carved handles, which are mainly ivory handle canes.  Did Dominic send a copy to you yet?  If not, I will send you one.  I will need a postal address.

               I am very interested in how you acquired your canes.  Because each of your canes has a special quality about it, I know it must have taken considerable time, strategy and tactics to find such a large number of high quality canes.  As stated in my catalogues, almost all of my canes were acquired from five dealers in Europe.  I developed a relationship with each of them and visited them regularly.  But you had more options such as living near Portobello Road and other early morning antique centers where canes were sold.

               A couple of interesting points on two of your canes.  The faun handle owned by Rothschild that you show on page 297 has been in my collection since 2005.  It is shown on page 53 of my Jewelry Handle Cane catalogue.  Laurence Jantzen acquired it and sold it to me.  

The second cane of interest is the Indian image shown on page 345.  I own the same cane but without the applied decoration.  I got it from Gilbert Segas.  He was convinced that the image was of one of the Indians in the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show that had a long run just outside of Paris.  So I wrote my description around that belief.  It doesn’t matter at  all that we have different descriptions.  But I am curious where you found your Geronimo attribution.  Did you find something definitive?

               Again, congratulations on writing such a find book about canes.

All the Best,

Larry Mattson – USA Important Collector of Antique Walking Canes 

Amsterdam 05 – 11 – 2021  : Antique Canes Amsterdam [email protected]

Dear Canemaniacs,

What a year this has been! We seem to be seeing the last of the pandemic although its effects are still felt around us. I sincerely hope that you all are in good health and looking forward to next year. 

For many of us, this period allowed us to reconnect with our inner lives, our homes and what is important. For me, it was a good time to refine my collection and to update my website. A change I hope you enjoy.

There has been also some great news in the realm of canes, with the publication of the book: A visual history of walking sticks and canes from the collection of Anthony and Deanna Moss. This book is rich in images and excellent descriptions of the canes. The book is a contribution to the scholarship and understanding of canes in our culture. For example, the authors present interesting connections between canes and industrialization; the role of umbrellas and parasols in Ancient cultures, display of power, or the technical innovations brought up during the Art Deco period.  I had the privilege of commenting on this amazing collection and I wholeheartedly recommend this book as a “must-read” for anybody interested in canes or in general for introducing newcomers interested in the universe of walking sticks across history.

Please look at my Instagram Account –      

A great reaction from Ludovic of Rau Antiques and a photograph.

I love the fact that it has categories with color codes at the top of each page.

The thin paper gives it a feel of a reference book, and the photos are very well done.

I cannot wait to dive into it.

I gave a glance of it to Lori and Bill, and they were impressed.


Lennox Cato Antique dealer – Antique Road Show

Good morning Anthony, first of all a big thank you for this wonderful informative Book. I can personally see this as the go-to Book of the future on canes and walking sticks. It is brilliant.  

We have put it out on Instagram, we have a reasonable amount of followers, let us hope it creates sells and awareness of this publication. 

Once again a big thank you. 

Best wishes 

Lennox Cato Antique dealer – Antique Road Show

Excellent article – Timeless & Timely

One Collectors Obsession – Scott Monty Oct 2 2021


Dear Anthony, 

I received your Book yesterday, and I wanted to thank you very much for sending it to me. Big congratulations on your achèvement!

As we have already written several books on different specialities, I know the arduous work you did !! I am delighted in advance to read it soon!

Have a good weekend.

Warmest wishes,  Eric.  GALERIE DELALANDE Paris

Gianmario Casalis Cavalchini  Via Lanfranchi,  11 10131 Torino    Italia

Dear Anthony, the Book has arrived; it left me speechless; you have created a masterpiece! My fondest congratulations.  I wrote a comment for Amazon; in Italian, since it is directed to Italian readers. I wish that it would sell one million copies, because it deserves to be in all serious collectors’ shelves. Well, thanks again and all the best. I liked Deanna’s poems!

Yours, Gianmario 

Eduardo, what a beautiful Collection  , showing the constant quality increase of the canes you are proposing to the collectors. Bravo !!

I am reading and enjoying the book of Anthony: he has succeeded in creating a  fantastic work both from the visual and the descriptive aspect. This  book rightly deserves to sit beside the Catherine’s ones.

Take care, all the best, Gianmario 

Email: Gianmario Casalis Cavalchini [email protected]

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